Private Sessions

In a private session - either with Francesco or Felicia - our attention is completely devoted to you- with your breath, with your emotions. While you reveal insights of clarity and understanding, we accompany you on your journey of self-discovery and fully trust the wisdom of your being and it’s own innate capacity to heal, to regenerate and to integrate. 

We help you to remain in this field of expanded awareness and to feel the sensations occurring in your body, to fully experience the mental and emotional impulses. We help you to experience your raw self without judgement and assist you to stay connected with your inner presence - to help you awaken to your natural state of flow.

  • One Breathwork session takes about 2 hours
    (online & offline)

  • We start with a conversation & the intention setting

  • Followed by the guided act of breathing for one hour

  • We conclude with the integration period


Breathwork (two hours) in Persona
First session 100€
Private Session 110€
Private Session in the breath-cycle of 5-10 100€

Group session
(3 till 14 people, two hours)

Online Breathwork for returning retreat guests (two hours)

Breathwork is not a solution-orientated practice, rather it is a process-orientated, complementary therapeutic method. This is why it is highly recommended to engage with a cycle of 5 to 10 or more breathwork sessions. Experience in the Breathwork field over decades has shown that a cycle of 10 breathwork sessions brings with it a sense of completion both for the client and the therapist.

In a cycle of 10 breathwork sessions it is possible to breathe in both cold or warm water- either in a private pool, the tub, in a calm sea or lake, or a waterfall pool.

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