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This video is a short breath centered meditation technique with the focus on exploring the expression of the breath in different parts of your body. Breathe to connect with your body and to ground yourself.

This breathing technique of 20 connected breaths (found by Leonard Orr, the Rebirthing initiator) will move blocked energy in your body. It will help you to ground and settle in your body and it also increases the blood flow to the organs and your entire physical system. Your are also strengthening your lungs and increase the capacity of breath volume.

Explore and expand your breath awareness in your body with this amazing meditation


  20 Connected Breaths with Felicia

An 8 minutes Meditation with Felicia. Go deep with the power of your Breath 

Breath-Meditation with Felicia

In this 10 minutes meditation Felicia is going to use the breath to help you release tensions and reconnect with the sensations and feelings of your body


The playlists are constantly extended and are the ones we use in our retreats. Enjoy!