breathe beyond retreat view mountain alpen retreat


Breathe Beyond - Breathe beyond your core limiting believes

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The weekend will provide time to relax, to explore nature, to go deep within your Self, to breathe deeply, to move your body, to calm the mind, to re-connect with your deepest wishes, to stay in the presence of your pure consciousness, to eat wonderfully prepared vegetarian food

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breathe beyond retreat view mountain alpen retreat


Lache mit Deinem inneren Kind! Lerne mit Achtsamkeits-Praktiken Dein inneres Kind kennen & lieben 

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Mit Breathwork, Yoga und Meditation gehen wir auf eine tiefe Selbstentdeckungs-Reise. In diesen Tagen des gemeinsamen Praktizierens begegnen wir unsrem inneren Kind und beschäftigen uns mit der Integration und Auflösung bewusst oder unbewusst entstandener Entwicklungstrauma.

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Throughout the year we are organising retreats on Breathwork, sometimes connected with Yoga and always incorporating meditation practice, self discovery exercises, conscious dance and nature discovery. On Retreats you are immediately able to glide into the awareness of being connected with the elements, the nature, with yourself.

Breathe to connect with yourself

Breathe to feel alive

The group dynamic itself inherently has healing aspects. Our lives, especially through interaction with others, become so colourful and manifold. It lets us experience a variety of emotions - and especially through interaction our ego-based trauma can heal, expectations can be consciously released, disappointments can be integrated.

Breathe to release tension,
wrong believes,
limiting thoughts

Breathe to awaken
beyond your mind clutter
and conditioning

Through relationships we might get wounded. Through connections we heal. We can always trust that the group constellation in a retreat is helping us to heal on many levels of our being. And often it is even easier to connect inwardly with oneself in the setting of group support.

Breathe to heal
softly and gently

breathe beyond retreat view mountain alpen retreat


Breath Exploration -
Explore your breath to explore yourself

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GREECE is calling to BREATHE the freshest sea breeze! It is an honour to guide through two evenings of Breath-Exploration (2h) in the beautiful Foodpath-Center in Neohori End of August. Come and join! Please register as space is very limited! 

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breathe beyond retreat wasserfest


Breathe Beyond - Atme über deine limitierenden Glaubenssätze
am Festival wasserFEST

Das Programm des Festivals ist bund und vielfältig: Yoga, Meditation, nachhaltiger Lebensstil, Massage, Gesundheit, usw. Zweimal am Tag gibt es die Möglichkeit bei einer unserer Breathwork-Sessions mitzumachen.

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Entdecke den Alltags-Schamane*In in Dir! Mit Breathwork & den alpinen Heilkräutern

Breathwork, Meditation und achtsames Kennenlernen der alpinen Heilkräuter und ihre heilsame Verwendung
Kursgebühr inkl. Kost und Logi 480€