The Beyond-Collective

The Beyond-Collective is comprised of a group of individuals (also YOU perhaps?) with a diverse set of proficiencies from all over the world with various sustainable, inspiring, heart-centered projects that are blossoming. All are united by their intuitive focus on a conscious state of flow.

All who are part of the Beyond-Collective are aiming to raise awareness - through business and life coaching, through social projects in less fortunate societies, through traditional tantric practices, through a yoga-retreat center, through designing green terraces in cities, through conscious conversation with children - the list of the projects is long.


Why not allow yourself to be inspired, guided and advised by a highly skilled professional? Your personal needs matter but ,in reality, we do not always experience ourselves in a state of flow. We are here to support you!

The Beyond-Collective platform wants to establish conscious connections with each other, with each others talents, visions and ideas to enable us to expand to a wider spectrum - to more corners of the world, to connect with even more open hearts.

…in Progress

Conscious Life and Business Coaching


Life Coaching in Vienna